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Lot 99- Swiss & American Frosted Vintage Ladies Wristwatch Movements

Lot 99- Swiss & American Frosted Vintage Ladies Wristwatch Movements

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This is a huge selection of twenty (20) quality Swiss & American Quality Frosted Vintage Ladies Complete Wristwatch Movements. These are simply top-quality, clean frosted style wristwatch movements. All were removed from solid gold wristwatch cases. These are great to be used for parts and or for the watchmaker to recase. Most have good clean hands, dials and good balance wheels and balance staffs. There are good American and Swiss movements. These are good clean movements so do not miss them. Just the use of a single part from one of these movements can save a future repair. Just the use of a hand, setting part, dial, stem, crown, wheel, jewel, or the all-important balance wheel can really come in handy now and in the future. These are also very desirable for any up-and-coming watch repair person who is even thinking of repairing smaller ladies watches. These movements will help hone your skill on the smaller vintage ladies mechanical wristwatch movements.

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