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Lot 39- Swiss “ALPHONSE HUMBERT” Early Pocket Watch

Lot 39- Swiss “ALPHONSE HUMBERT” Early Pocket Watch

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This is a Swiss “ALPHONSE HUMBERT” key wind and key set silver hinged case early pocket watch. This watch has a good crystal, blued moon hands, and genuine factory single sunk clean enamel dial with black Roman hour numerals. The watch has a hinged silver case with metal cuvette. The case has a rear cover lift in lock spring activated by a push button on top of the pendant. The case has a good bow and it does wind, set in tick with brisk motion. However, since this watch has been stored away for at least 50 years in a watchmaker's cabinet, the running of the watch will not be guaranteed. This is a very clean, complete ticking cylinder escapement finger bridge gilt movement pocket watch
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