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Lot 22- Hamilton | 12S | 910 | 17J | Pocket Watch Movement

Lot 22- Hamilton | 12S | 910 | 17J | Pocket Watch Movement

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This lot contains a good Hamilton 12 size, model 910, 17 jewel complete pristine pocket watch movement. This is a ticking pocket watch movement. This movement has no minute hand, good hour hand and good sub second hand. The movement has a damaged enamel factory signed dial but good balance wheel, balance staff and hairspring. The watch has a good model 910 nickel 17 jewel movement. The movement has both its case screws and the movement winds, sets and ticks with brisk motion. Just the use of a single part or movement can really come in handy for the Hamilton collector., dealer and repair person. The movement is still in a movement frame with good crown, stem, sleeve and stem.
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