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Lot 12- Waltham | 18S | 1883 | 15J | Pocket Watch

Lot 12- Waltham | 18S | 1883 | 15J | Pocket Watch

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This is a Waltham 18 Size, Model 1883, 15 Jewel Pocket Watch.


Manufacturer: Waltham

Model: 1883

Grade: No. 15

Serial Number: 3027133

Size: 18

Jewels: 15

Case: Fahys No.1 open face nickel “oresilver” screw back. With good bow, stem, and warn but functional ball style crown. There are two initials that have been engraved into the back of the case.

Crystal: Clean extra thick beveled glass crystal.

Dial: Factory enamel dial single sunk. Dial has hair lines near 6 and 10 o’clock. Signed A.W.W.Co. Waltham.

Hands: Clean blued Spade.

Condition: This watch winds, sets, and ticks with brisk motion. This watches timing accuracy has not been tested and will be sold with no guarantee of accurate time keeping.

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