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TM 9-1575 Technical Manual

TM 9-1575 Technical Manual

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Title: TM 9-1575 Technical Manual

Author: N/A

Copyright: 1945

Book Style: Softcover

Condition: Good Preowned

Note: No major damage, just fading from age. 


This a vintage military technical manual for the repair of military watches, pocket watches, stop watches, and clocks. Reference the photos for the contents of what this manual contains. This manual contains invaluable information for military vintage watch models accompanied by excellent descriptions and diagrams.

Condition Note

Book conditions are as followed:

Excellent: Like new or is new.

Good: Very minor damage. (example: jacket damage or staining)

Fair: Multiple minor damages. (example: jacket damage and staining)

Poor: Many issues but content is still valuable. (examples: jacket damage, binding damage, staining plus internal writing and pages are loose)

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