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Philadelphia Watch Case Co.

American 18 Size Screw Cover Nickel Pocket Watch Case

American 18 Size Screw Cover Nickel Pocket Watch Case

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This is a nice, clean and polished functional American Philadelphia Watch Case Company Silverode 18 size screw cover nickel open face stem wind and lever set pocket watch case. This case has a plain smooth case back and is 58 MM in diameter. This case was found stored in a watchmaker’s case cabinet. This case has a good bow, stem, sleeve and strong ball style crown that is very good looking. The case has a good glass crystal and good screw on front and back cover. This is a stem wind and lever set case specifically made for the typical American 18 size open face pocket watch movement. The back cover is clean and polished. This is a good strong functional large 18 size open face case. This is a functional case for the serious American 18 size collector, dealer, and repair person.

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