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Bulova Accutron Series 230 Service Manual

Bulova Accutron Series 230 Service Manual

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Title: Accutron Series 230 Service Manual

Author: Bulova

Book Style: Softcover

Copyright/Edition: 1973

Pages: 24

Condition: Good, Preowned

Note: Smudges on cover


Accutron says, “It takes years to train a watchmaker to repair an ordinary watch. But any watchmaker should be able to learn to service the Accutron movement in a matter of hours with the aid of this manual”. All the information a watchmaker needs to perform the diagnostic and service operations on Accutron Series 230 movement is contained in this manual. Previous watchmaker has put some other Bulova technical documents included with this manual.

Condition Note

Book conditions are as followed:

Excellent: Like new or is new.

Good: Very minor damage. (example: jacket damage or staining)

Fair: Multiple minor damages. (example: jacket damage and staining)

Poor: Many issues but content is still valuable. (examples: jacket damage, binding damage, staining plus internal writing and pages are loose)

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