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Jan Lot 1- The Inside Story of the Fine Swiss Watch

Jan Lot 1- The Inside Story of the Fine Swiss Watch

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The “Inside Story of the Fine Swiss Watch” by the Swiss watchmakers of Switzerland. This hardcover book was sold to the watch and jewelry industry to help customers understand the quality of Swiss watches. The book is extremely well illustrated with black and white and color illustrations showing each and every part of the watch. This book discusses the entire watch from the case to all parts of the movement like the escapement, jewels, winding system, setting system and train wheels. This is a wonderful book for the up-and-coming watch repair person to learn from or a retailer who is looking to educate their buyer on the quality of Swiss vintage mechanical timepieces. This book is numbered 186. The copyright is 1950. This is an interesting book due to the fact that after reading the book from front to back you turn it over and it continues on from back to front with information concerning vintage mechanical wristwatches from manual wind to chronographs.

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